Time For Patty Murray To Go!!

I, like most of you, have been subject to the distorted ads Senator Murray has be wielding against her adversary Dino Rossi.  Unfortunately, as usual Patty Murray stoops to lies and distortion to promote her lack of accomplishments.  Patty wants you to believe that she is working hard for the people of Washington State.  The reality is she is working hard for the progressive agenda that her, Senator Cantwell, Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have set out to transform America into a socialist state.  Here are a few of Murray’s accomplishments.

Architect of the Obamacare – accomplished in the backroom and without open debate – Cost over now estimated at 2.1 trillion dollars

Architect of Stimulus – accomplished in the backroom and without open debate – Over 800 billion dollars

Architect of Chrysler and GM bailouts

Architect of bank bailouts

Architect of eliminating Medicare Advantage for seniors

Architect for 3.8 percent tax on all real estate transactions to include rental income.  Patty Murray will kill the real estate market as no seller will be willing to negotiate fees, commissions and closing costs with buyers.  Today’s buyers lack the funds to pay these charges.

A supporter of the 1 percent transaction fees on all goods and services to include accounts through banks, credit bureaus and other financial institution.  In a nutshell a 1 percent tax when  your paycheck goes into the bank and a 1 percent tax when you draw it out as well as the same tax on how you use the money.

Senator Murray wants you to believe she is supporting the Boeing Employees by fighting for the military airplane contract.  Those planes will be built in the Gulf coast and not south of Seattle.

Senator Murray wants you to believe she supports the military and their family.  She supports raising the cost of TRICARE, reducing its services and sending dependents and retirees downtown where they will also have to get government run insurance to cover those costs.  With friends like her the military does not need new enemies.

Under Patty Murray you are already seeing up to a 20 percent increase in health insurance.  Small businesses eliminating health care as an employee benefit and the withholding of interested earn on investment accounts because the investment company is scared to increase your investment income for fear of more of Patty’s legislation in the future.

Washington State can no longer afford a Senator who’s sole interest is in the progressive party agenda and not the welfare of citizens.  The country can no longer afford Patty’s vote and reckless spending as the national debt soars.

It is time Patty Murray moves back to Washington State and lets someone who cares about Washingtonians fill her Senate seat.

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