One Percent Transaction Tax is Proposed on all Money!!

One percent transaction tax is proposed on all money

Very, very important!!!!!  Please read.

Hate to start a weekend for all like this BUT……..

Please read this, it is HR4646.  The below site is from an economist that discusses this proposal.

HR4646 was introduce in Feb 23, 2010, by Rep Chaka Fattah, this bills counterpart in the Senate is S2965.

At this point my biggest question is:  Where the Hell has the media been on this?  This will affect everyone in Our Country.  Please go to the below site before you read further.  An economist sizes up this bill with its pros and cons.

I believe the biggest down side is:

How can any of us trust anyone on Capital Hill?

Example: Social Security was supposed to be in a lock box, and Congress got the key, like a little kid stealing candy from a locked cupboard.  Now in the Social Security Lock Box there are only I.O.U.s.  This is a question that has to be answered before any of us consider this at all.  How can we trust anymore?  Check this site before you read my torrent of negatives that I see.

I sent an e-mail out a few days ago about this.  Some in Congress want all of us to pay to use and spend our own money, even before we get it in our hands.  This is beyond regular and what all consider normal taxes.  Local, county, state, Federal, plus many more we do not know about or understand.

Crazy is as crazy does, and as crazy might allow.  We are not crazy, we must stop this until We The People get assurances written in a way Congress can not weasel out of what they promise.  Do not allow this to happen unless there is an ironclad agreement with We The People, if we decide to allow this.

Down side.   This is actually a minimum of a 2% tax, and maybe more,  if you look at it the right way.  Your auto deposits get taxed 1%, then anytime you use your money there is another 1% tax, and this could go on and on.

Just think, after you get your auto deposit taxed at 1%, every time you use a credit, debit card or ATM, you get a charge of 1% on the amount carded.  Every time you write a check the Gov. will get 1% of what that check was made out for.  Every time you transfer money, move money, there will be a 1% tax on the total of what you moved or transferred. I may have a few things wrong, but if I do it is not much.  Do not forget, this will also apply for all Businesses.  What a nightmare that will be.

Example:  Fictitious Household Monthly pay and bills.

Auto deposit :  $6000.00    1% tax for the   Monarchy once      = $60.00

passed, any party.

Elec/gas bill  :  $  150.00    1% tax for the   ”      ”       ”    ”  ”   = $  1.50

Cell/text       :  $  100.00    1% tax for the              |                 = $  1.00

Credit Cds    :  $  600.00    1% tax for the              |                 = $  6.00

Mortgage      :  $ 1250.00   1% tax for the              |                 = $12.50

Sat/cable TV :  $   113.00   1% tax for the              |                 = $  1.13

Landline/LD  :  $    95.00    1% tax for the              |                 = $    .95

Wat/SewGab:  $   120.00   1% tax for the              |                 = $   1.20

Misc items    :  $   250.00   1% tax for the              |                 = $   2.50
Food            :  $  600.00    1% tax for the              |                 = $   6.00

Per month total    __________


for a grand total of ————————–Per year                    $1123.36

That is how much of your money you will have to pay the government for the privilege to Get, Spend, Move, or Transfer You Own Money.

When is enough, enough Folks??????????????????????????????

Remember this is nominal compared to many families out there.  Remember that EVERY transaction will have a 1% TAX on it, and it will grow.  Has anyone ever seen a tax stay the same, get reduced, or repealed?

Please forward to all, then call, e-mail, and write Congress.

Thank You,

Think about this a while, and remember, do not ever try to rationalize an irrational act or situation.

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  1. The bill does mention ridding us of perisonal income taxes, If the math works out ????? Will this not mean that the fat cats will no longer have loop holes to reduce their taxes to nothing?

  2. There will probably be some but minimal compared to what we see now.

  3. AMERICAN CITIZENS MUST take a stand! This just keeps going & going & going! Just because the occupant of our White House can’t add 2 & 2 & come up w/4, doesn’t mean everybody is in that same category!!

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