Class Action Suit Against Obamacare


We want to stop Obamacare and we want to stop it now. That is why I’ve decided to file a motion for preliminary injunction and serve it along with our amended complaint. A motion for preliminary injunction is a request that a court order be issued at the beginning of a case. Such orders prevent one party from acting while the case is being heard. Our motion will be requesting that the court prevent the Federal government from enforcing any aspect of Obamacare, while our case is pending. These types of orders are typically used to prevent one party from being harmed by the other party while the case is being heard. Federal cases can take years to be resolved, so a large amount of harm can be done while you’re waiting for the court to act. That is certainly the case here.

To get such an injunction granted we must prove that 1) We will be irreparably harmed without the order; 2) we are likely to win our case; and 3) that the public will be better served by granting the order than by denying it. With strong legal reasoning and overwhelming public opposition to the government takeover of our health care, our case meets all three of these factors and supports granting a preliminary injunction.

Such motions are sometimes denied, especially when the party requesting the injunction is also arguing that well-established precedent should be overturned. However, the logic of our arguments cannot be ignored. It really boils down to whether or not we get a judge that has the guts to uphold the clear meaning of the Constitution instead of bowing to politically motivated precedent from 70+ years ago. It comes down to whether or not we get a Judge that upholds his oath of office.

Also, such a motion allows us to make our arguments in a way that grabs the attention of the government, the media, and the American people. We will be raising our voices again and making it known that we intend to win. We will not quietly sit by while dozens of new agencies are created to take away our freedom, while the IRS is empowered to become even more invasive of our privacy, nor while the the government continues to ignore the true reforms that are needed in health care.

This motion for preliminary injunction has the potential to stop Obamacare in its tracks. It will be filed in conjunction with the amended complaint that adds you and the more than 32,000 of your fellow Americans that have joined to date. Let’s make a much stronger statement to the court and make that number more than 100,000! Please tell everyone you know about our effort to take back our government. Please encourage them to join us. Even if you’ve told them before, please tell them again. Most people need to hear about something at least three times before they act. If we have 100,000 plaintiffs the Judge we will be more likely to follow his Oath and grant the injunction. Let’s make this happen!

In Liberty,


Law Office of Van R. Irion, PLLC

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