It saddens me to get to this point.  I first became aware of Barack Obama and his true self back around April or May of 2008.  If you recall this was approaching the end of the Democratic Primaries as it became apparent he would win over Hillary Clinton.  While I am certainly no fan of the Clinton’s it was obvious she was a far better choice.  From purely a Republican view-point, if we were to fail in our bid for the White House, she would leave a better taste in our mouths than Obama.  His rhetoric gave him away.

It became obviously clear to me that what was perceived coming out of his mouth was not what he intended to act once elected.  You had to listen closely and examine every word of phrase to understand his clear meaning of “Hope and Change”.  This week we reached the pinnacle of his despicable conduct as not only an American but as the leader of this country.  It was not just Arizona.

His comments about the Arizona Immigration Law calling out the Governor, demeaning an elected state congress, and siding with criminals was not only disdaining but reprehensible.  Then he proceeded to trash the citizen of Arizona further in his remarks with the President of Mexico on the steps of our house the White House.  The crowning act was allowing this foreign dignitary to give a speech before our national congress ridiculing one of our states, but telling Congress they are irresponsible.  As we tried to stomach those remarks, we were treated to the further embarrassment of Congressional Democrats along with the White House administration giving a standing ovation to such rude, insidious remarks.  We now learn that he may now direct ICE to avoid deporting illegal aliens arrested by local law enforcement personnel.  At just what point do we call treason – treason.  At what point do well allow his apparent uncontrollable conduct to continue deteriorating our standing in the world.  This man is not American.  He deserves deporting himself.  It is time for him to go.

I certainly do not support violence against anyone.  But we can no longer wait simply for two election processes to come and go in hopes that an electorate that has not only refused to act but chooses to remain silent in the process.  The focus of those organizations such as the Tea Party movement, 9-12 Movement, and others need to turn their focus on demanding the impeachment of this President.  Demanding the criminal investigation of his continual fraud, repeated violations of the Rico Act and the Logan Act.  His bilking the treasury behind our backs to countries and organization that want to destroy this country both outwardly and from with in.  We simply do not have until November 2010 and definitely cannot wait until November 2012 to bring down this administration.

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