America Has Lost Its Way

America has lost its way.  Somewhere along the road we took a wrong turn.  We used to be a government of the people ruled by citizens, elected by citizens, to represent the will of the citizens.  That form of government no longer exists in this country.  The voice of the American citizen has been silenced and we are slowly watching our individual freedoms being stripped away.  The worse part of it is that most of America has been asleep behind the wheel and watched it happen.  Some have even put out the welcome mat for it.  So how did we get so far off course?

The problem begins with our elected officials.  This country was settled on the ideal that we should be governed by elected officials representing the people who elected them.  This was how every American could have their own voice in the government.  But the only way this form of government works is when the politicians actually listen to and represent the will of their constituents.  Unfortunately, it has been a long time since that form of government has existed.  What we now have is a system where a few carefully selected politicians are provided massive amounts of support and money to be elected.  Once they are elected they represent the party and not their districts.  We’ve seen it time and time again.  Constituents will flood their elected representatives with calls, emails and faxes telling them they support or don’t support a particular piece of legislation.  In an ideal world, the elected official would listen to the concerns of their constituents and their vote on the legislation would represent the will their constituents.  What more commonly happens is that the legislator gets a call from another politician in their party who “encourages” them to vote with the party.  Sometimes that call includes perks (like a ride in Air Force One) and/or promises of future support for a pet project or for their re-election.  It may even be a promise of presidential support for re-election.  But that support only comes if their vote represents the will of the party.  If the will of the party differs from the will of their constituents, the constituents lose.

When faced with this reality, one begs the question of why these politicians get re-elected when they vote against their constituents.  The answer is that the party rewards those who are loyal to the party and their agenda with support for their re-election campaigns.  That support comes in the form of money, support from other politicians in the party (sometimes including the president), political ads and a fundraising machine to keep the money rolling in.  Any candidate who wishes to oppose the incumbent faces an uphill battle unless they have the support of their own party.  The end result is that the only candidates that end up on the ballot are ones chosen by the parties.  Unfortunately, the parties are controlled by their wealthy contributors who coincidentally seem to be all interconnected in some fashion, such as through family legacy or membership in powerful organizations such as the secret society club Skull & Bones.  So once it is all broken down you can see that America has its own aristocracy carefully disguised within our own political system.  There is no real choice by the American voter and we have no real voice in choosing our leaders.

Of course this arrangement has gone on for quite some time.  So why is it a problem now?  Well as the parties have gained more power, they have taken more from the American public.  Our national debt is staggering, taxes are growing, hope is dwindling and we are faced with a crisis of faith in our leaders.  Every day we are provided with story after story of our elected officials running amok with power.  We hear of their expensive trips to foreign countries on the taxpayer’s dime.  Scandals of sex with interns, sex with lobbyists, and sex with prostitutes. Secret rendezvous, secret hideaway rooms, and secret back room deals.  It is wonder how anything gets done.  And while the average American struggles to pay their bills, our elected officials live an extravagant lifestyle with personal drivers, private planes, lavish retreats in Hawaii, spa treatments and premium healthcare all paid by our taxes which seem to be increased every year; if not by the federal government, then by our local and state governments.

So what can we do?  How do we change course and get back to being a country every American be proud of?  My friends, it’s time to take back our government.  It’s time to fire the career politicians.  More and more Americans are waking up.  They are waking up from the American dream to find a nightmare and they want real change.  They are waking up and saying they are tired of watching our government being run by the wealthy elite.  Average citizens who had no political aspirations before are waking up and they are throwing their hat in the ring because they want their country back.  They are tired of hearing the same campaign rhetoric and empty promises and they are taking action.  They have learned that if we truly want change WE have to make it happen.  If you also want this country to change and get back to the ideals on which it was founded, you too have take action and only you can decide what form of action that will be.  You can support these brave Americans who are up against the wealthy political machines.  You can learn about these candidates and tell your friends, family and colleagues why these candidates are important.  You can support these candidates with your time or campaign contribution.  You can hold a rally or organize a fundraiser.  You can take action in any manner that best suits you, but you if you want change you have to act.  The choice is up to you.

My dad represents these corps values.  He does not have deep pockets nor is he an insider of the Republican political machine.  What he brings is sound fiscal conservative values, based on his strong belief in God and his strong federal government experience in both domestic and international affairs.  Did you know that if every Republican donated one dollar for every member of their family (i.e., $3 for a family of three), he would have more than enough to successfully take on the big Republican machine to bring this country back to both God and the people.

Kim Taylor

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