The Effects of Obamacare and Low Rated Programs Like Medicaid and Tricare

A few days ago, Medscape Medical News sent out an urgent notice to physicians nationwide. Today the bad news came in. Here is the gist of the notice:

“March 26, 2010 — A 21.2% Medicare pay cut will take effect April 1 after the Senate today failed to pass a bill extending the effective date to May 1 before lawmakers recessed for 2 weeks”…

“The Senate was poised to vote on the Democrat-sponsored legislation this week, but Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK), put a procedural block on it, saying Democrats were engaged in a harmful exercise in deficit spending. Sen. Coburn said they should find a way to pay for the bill, which also would have extended expired unemployment compensation benefits, subsidies for health insurance premiums for the out-of-work under the COBRA program, and various tax breaks”…

Here is the portion addressing TRICARE along with much more:

“AMA Wants Repeal, Not Delay”

“J. James Rohack, MD, the president of the American Medical Association (AMA), said in a press release today that a 21.2% pay cut would force physicians to turn away not only seniors, but also military families whose TRICARE coverage is based on Medicare rates. Dr. Rohack denounced the Senate’s failure to avert the day of reckoning on April 1″…

“Members of Congress eager to spend a two-week holiday with their families have left America’s military families and seniors to fend for themselves through their inaction on a known threat to the Medicare and TRICARE programs,” he said. “It is unconscionable for elected officials to play politics with seniors and military families…”

After the AMA came out against the will of most doctors and supported the Health Bill, Legislators turned right around and told the AMA: BITE ME! I doubt if the AMA will be quite so quick to support the current administration. Did y’all know that self employed physicians are the only people who have no say in what they are reimbursed? Medicare who sets the standard that also guides insurance companies. A doc might ask for $500. but they get less than half.

One solution could be extending the current practice of moving PA’s into offices who will see the MEDICARE, TRICARE and MEDICAID folk. Docs also say that about 80% of MEDICAID visits are a waste of the physician’s time as people come in for petty reasons or to get a prescription for something that is over the counter (like Tylenol).

The administration said they would force an additional 50% more people into MEDICAID and increase reimbursement levels to docs by 20%. That was supposed to “buy off” the docs. Then they cut MEDICARE reimbursement by 21% and there are far more MEDICARE patients. Remember, MEDICARE reimbursement is sometimes as low as 20% of the doctors coding. IMO, the administration is made up of tricksters and liars.

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