A Friends Perspective on Abortion!!

It did not surprise me in the least that abortion will be funded.  Through this entire process I did not believe that the Stupak amendment would be in the final bill.  Our government leadership is far too liberal, and the support they receive from those who brutally kill unborn babies for profit means more to them than the shedding of innocent blood.  Do you have any idea how much unborn babies suffer during the processes of most types of abortion?   Just google “Saline Abortion Procedure”, and I think that what you read will make you heartsick.  As a nation, we are sacrificing our unborn children, and brutally so, on the altar of convenience and profit.

In the Old Testament book of Leviticus, God strictly told His people that they were not to sacrifice their children to Molech, as the pagans did.  The Israelites disobeyed this mandate and did not go unpunished when they began to conform to the world around them.  I have no doubt that as a nation we will experience the same.

As good, God-f  earing, caring citizens, we are rightly outraged when we read of a dog dragged to death on the bumper of its owner’s truck, and are justifiably happy when such a dastardly deed receives punishment.  But at the same time, as long as we pay a doctor to perform brutality on a defenseless unborn child, it is just fine and dandy.  It is illegal for a woman to abuse her body with drugs and alcohol, but legal to abuse an unborn body . . . a body that medical science has verified is not part of the woman’s body, but its own distinct person.

My twenty-something daughter, made an interesting observation on her Facebook account: “ Terrorists have killed 3,000 Americans since 1990.  Abortionists have killed 4,000 Americans since yesterday.”  Think of it, Steve: 47,000 million babies killed since abortion was legalized in January 1973.  Think of it: those first babies would now be 37-years-old; consumers purchasing groceries, diapers, homes, vehicles, etc.  What do you think our economy would look like today, if we had those 37-year-olds purchasing goods?  Just think of the boost to funding social security if we had 47,000 more taxpayers. And what are we missing in the arena of science, the arts, medicine, education (to name just a few)?  I may be naive’, but I suspect that we as a nation have killed 47,000 answers to many of our problems.

One of my concerns with the health care fiasco is the removal of the conscience clause, which I have heard rarely mentioned, but I do believe it is in the health care bill.  The conscience clause is what allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc., to decline participation in medical practice that violates their consciences, such as abortion.  It allows crisis pregnancy centers to not give abortion referrals.  If this is truly in the bill, Planned Parenthood and friends will undoubtedly celebrate, as they along with the National Organization for Women, the National Abortion Rights Action League, and the likes have attempted for years to come up with ways to close crisis pregnancy centers.  And why?  Because every time a woman chooses life for her unborn child rather than having an abortion, they lose money.  I remember some time ago reading that the Catholic Bishops declared that if their hospitals were required to perform abortions they would close them.  I so respect their strong stand for their pro-life convictions; just imagine what will happen to the availability of health care if the Catholic hospitals close.

Another interesting observation for me was when I read that a Democratic senator shared that his colleagues advised him that there must be funding for abortion because if abortion was not funded, many more babies would be born, and that would cost the government millions of dollars.  Reading that was an enlightening moment for me, as for quite some time I have suspected that there was something big going on in the background of the frenzied health care push, especially with the corrupt methods that were being considered in an effort to get it passed.  And the conclusion I came to is that it truly is a matter of increasing the power and control over the citizens of this nation by having control over life and death.  If the powers-that-be can decrease the number of births through abortion, and increase the number of people that die via controlling the type of health care that they are “entitled” to, it will give them more power and money.  Less babies being born = less government spending on programs such as health care; elderly people dying when the government deems proper = less money paid out in Medicare and social security benefits.

I’m sure there will be skeptics who feel these are all Orwellian thoughts.  But as it has been so aptly stated, “Truth is stranger than fiction.”

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